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Meet SignaCap. Small business loans that make sense for small businesses. Your business needs options. We’ve got them.

Free Coffee and $1 Mini Milkshakes to Help You Make It Through the Summer!

This summer, the fast food brands that Signature Capital are working with are responding to the continued challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and rolling out special offers to help make surviving the pandemic a little easier.

Re-Opening to the New Normal

 As restrictions are lifted in many states and businesses start looking to reopen. Business owners are finding themselves operating in a new world of restrictions and procedures that have evolved out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners must plan their next steps and come up with a strategy for reopening. For many, the biggest need they are facing is financial. As we always have been, Signature Capital is here with a variety of small business loan options to help you get business back up and running again.

Signature Capital Helping to Reopen Restaurants

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected a lot of businesses around the world. It has forced the government of many countries to shut down places and halt a lot of activities. Restaurants joined the list of public areas that were shut down during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, this industry has felt the negative impact of this pandemic in terms of service provision and delivery.

How Signature Capital Can Help Your Business Weather the COVID-19 Storm

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all of us, not the least of which, small business owners who may not have the capital available to weather the current crisis. As the government continues to enact various measures meant to slow the spread of the virus and guard against it, small business owners face unprecedented challenges and are having to make difficult choices to protect their businesses. Gyms, shopping centers, casinos, movie theaters…

SignaCap Provides Immediate Relief to Struggling Hotel Owners During the COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every country on the globe, and every industry has been affected. Since people are being forced to stay home, the hospitality industry has lost the biggest portion of their customers and seen their profits drop to all-time lows.The industry has been especially hard hit as travel bans and restrictions have been put in place around the country, and many others who are free to travel are afraid to.

Term Loans

Grow and invest in your business with a short-term infusion of funds for a specific project and purchases to drive your business forward

From $5K–$500K

Lines of Credit

Keep your business running smoothly with reliable, revolving access to working capital to help you manage your ongoing business needs

From $6K–$100K

A truly fast small business loan

We agree, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get a small business loan. That’s why if you apply for a business loan from SignaCap in the morning you’ll have an answer that afternoon. And, in most cases, you’ll have funds in your bank account within a day or two.

This is great news for those times when you need to react quickly to fill a business need or take advantage of an opportunity to capture additional ROI. With a small business loan from SignaCap, you could have an answer right away and have the money in your account before a bank would even be able to review your application.