Small Business Loans

Real business financing made for real business owners

Meet SignaCap. Small business loans that make sense for small businesses.

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all small business loan today.

Gone are the days when a small business owner could visit the local bank and meet all their financing needs in one place. Fortunately, business owners have multiple small business loan options today—including business term loans and business lines of credit from SignaCap.

Depending upon your need for a small business loan, we offer term loans from three months to three years to meet your short-term financing needs. Additionally, if you regularly need to access working capital quickly, we also offer a convenient business line of credit. Access your credit line (up to $100,000) when you need it, repay the line, and use it again the next time you need quick access to working capital. And, you only pay interest on the credit you use.

Start with one simple online application and your dedicated small business loan advisor handles all the rest.

Term Loans

Grow and invest in your business with a short-term infusion of funds for a specific project and purchases to drive your business forward

From $5K–$500K

Lines of Credit

Keep your business running smoothly with reliable, revolving access to working capital to help you manage your ongoing business needs

From $6K–$100K

A truly fast small business loan

We agree, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get a small business loan. That’s why if you apply for a business loan from SignaCap in the morning you’ll have an answer that afternoon. And, in most cases, you’ll have funds in your bank account within a day or two.

This is great news for those times when you need to react quickly to fill a business need or take advantage of an opportunity to capture additional ROI. With a small business loan from SignaCap, you could have an answer right away and have the money in your account before a bank would even be able to review your application.