The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected a lot of businesses around the world. It has forced the government of many countries to shut down places and halt a lot of activities. 

Restaurants joined the list of public areas that were shut down during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, this industry has felt the negative impact of this pandemic in terms of service provision and delivery.

Shutting down and altering the activities of restaurants is just one of the problems. Another significant challenge awaiting these restaurants upon reopening is how to incorporate the needed prerequisites to meet the required COVID-19 standards. This standard certainly needs more financial capital. 

However, there is no cause to be overly bothered. Signature Capital services have taken it upon themselves to help restaurants reopen and get back on their feet. Likewise, Signature Capital services are willing to provide enough support to help restaurants meet the COVID-19 standards upon opening. 

COVID-19 Safety Standards for Restaurants

As the world enters new reopening phases, the need for safety measures cannot be overemphasized. Restaurants are one of the focal points of safety in every society. Therefore, it is essential to be concerned about the safety of customers and staff of restaurants. 

Aside from the general food safety measures, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated new safety guidelines. It is also essential to note that restaurants have specific safety guidelines other than the general rules imposed on different sectors. 

These COVID-19 safety standards for restaurants include;

  • Increasing the frequency of disinfecting, sanitizing, and general cleaning. 
  • Taking wellness checks of customers on arrival. 
  • Create handwashing facilities that will be easy for clients to access.
  • Increase in the rate of restroom check and clean up. Sanitizers and disinfectants should be available in excess. 
  • Non-porous surfaces and frequently touched points should be regularly sanitized. 
  • Follow the social distancing guidelines by putting some precautions in place. Examples include creating counter separators, booths, picking up points for takeout delivery orders, and the prevention of large gatherings in a lobby or a single table. 
  • Incorporate no-touch payment and the use of disposable menus. 
  • Keep face to face exposure at the barest minimum. 

How Does Signature Capital Intend To Help

Meeting these guidelines will demand enormous capital from these restaurants. Because they have been out of service for a while, raising the necessary financial capital for such a purpose might be difficult for most of them. 

The creation of counter separator, digital menus, check on arrival, including more tables, purchases of masks and other safety equipment, and staff compensations are all finance reliant. 

However, Signature Capital is poised to help ease this burden on the restaurant. They aim to achieve this by offering financial assistance to these businesses upon reopening. 

Consequently, Signature Capital will be offering easy loans to restaurants that find it hard to keep up. These loans are easy to access, and restaurants can easily keep up. Likewise, it will give a reasonable period that will be convenient for the client to pay back. 

Restaurants also have another access to a new loan once they pay back the existing one. 

In general, restaurants need to create customer confidence in their business. And they can only get this confidence by assuring their staff and customers of undaunted safety. This safety can only be set by meeting specific standards. Although meeting these standards will require finances, Signature Capital has kept everything in place to help restaurants ease this burden.